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Emergency Dentist London is a dental practice offering same day dental appointments in central London. Our team of dentists specialists is UK qualified, GDC registered and provides urgent dental care as well as pain relief treatment.


Can I use diclofenac to relieve toothache?

Sodium diclofenac is an effective pain killer and can help dental patients to relieve toothache

What Sports are More Likely to See Tooth Injuries?

How to protect your teeth in high risk sports like football and basketball

Phonophobia fear of noises

Phonophobia refers to fear of sound or fear of noises. This anxiety is very common in a dental setting and during dental emergencies

What to do when I have an orthodontic wire sticking out and poking the gums?

Dental emergency - what to do if your orthodontic wire is poking the gums and making it sore

What are the different types of face masks to protect yourself from coronavirus?

Several types of medical face masks are available to protect yourself from airborne viruses

Emergency dentist in London after Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak

How to get an emergency dental appointment after Covid outbreak in London

Oral surgeon for emergency tooth extraction in London

Emergency dental extractions in London delivered by a oral surgeon specialist

Top 20 Emergency dentists in West London

Best emergency dentists and emergency dental practices in west London

Our emergency dentists will use air purification when treating patients after COVID

Emergency dentists London use air purifiers after Covid to clean aerosols and bacteria in the dental practice

When is teeth scaling considered urgent?

Scale and polish procedure can be classified as dental emergency

I've got a bone spicule after tooth extraction

Do you think you've got a bony part left after tooth removal. Here's what to do and how to check it

Emergency Dentist London will be working during CoronaVirus outbreak

Emergency dentist London provides urgent dental care and emergency dental appointments

Top 10 Emergency dentists in North London

Best emergency dentists in North London. Who can I ring on weekends, bank holidays and late evenings for emergency dental appointment

Endodontist for emergency root canal treatment in London

If you have a dental abscess our root canal specialists will help you save your tooth. Prime location in central London

Emergency Dentist London


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