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Emergency Dentist London is a dental practice offering same day dental appointments in central London. Our team of dentists specialists is UK qualified, GDC registered and provides urgent dental care as well as pain relief treatment.


Top 10 Emergency dentists in North London

Best emergency dentists in North London. Who can I ring on weekends, bank holidays and late evenings for emergency dental appointment

Endodontist for emergency root canal treatment in London

If you have a dental abscess our root canal specialists will help you save your tooth. Prime location in central London

Barodontalgia - toothache when you fly or dive

Barodontalgia, also known as tooth squeeze or aerodontalgia, is a severe toothache caused by change in ambient pressure when flying on a plane or scuba diving.

Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction?

You should not drink immediately after tooth extraction because you slow down your body's ability to heal after the surgery.

International toothache day is on 9 February

Toothache awareness is celebrated on 9 February. Make others aware of possible causes for tooth pain

Is tooth cavity a dental emergency?

Tooth decay can be considered as dental emergency situation especially when it causes pain, discomfort or compromises your aesthetic outlook.

First dental practice in London to start accepting Dentacoin

24 Hour Emergency Dentists London is the first dental practice in London, specializing in emergency dentistry, to start accepting Dentacoin as a payment method

What are the best painkillers for toothache?

A list of painkillers, used by dentists, to relieve symptoms of toothache, gum pain and other dental conditions.

What to do if you break a tooth?

Fractured and chipped off teeth are the most common dental emergency situation. You can find our advice here

How to prepare for a dental emergency?

What is considered a dental emergency and tips on avoiding urgent dental conditions

Emergency Dentist London


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