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Emergency Dentist London is a dental practice offering same day dental appointments in central London. Our team of dentists specialists is UK qualified, GDC registered and provides urgent dental care as well as pain relief treatment.

Top 20 Emergency dentists in West London

Best emergency dentists and emergency dental practices in west London

Top 20 Emergency dentists in West London

Experiencing acute dental pain due to trauma, abscess, or decay? Dental accidents and pain can come on when you least expect it and you need to seek treatment from an emergency dentist as soon as possible. These are the best practices to ring if you are in pain or need to be seen for a dental emergency.


Suffering from acute dental pain caused by decay, an abscess, or dental trauma? Do not try to self-diagnose or put off dental care. Call an emergency dentist right away. These are the best 20 emergency dentists in West London you can ring for an emergency dental appointment.


20. 92 Dental

Address: 5 Glenthorne Mews, 115a Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, W6 0LJ, UK
Phone Number: 020 8748 1381
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8748 1381
Website: https://www.92dental.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


92 Dental is a well-established dental practice. They moved to their current location because it offers a large space for their modern dental practice. They have four main practitioners and four large treatment rooms with state-of-the-art technology along with a best practice sterilization and decontamination area. They also provide full-service dental care under one roof, so there is no need for their patients to go anywhere else for specialist care. They are happy to see patients on short notice for emergency dental care should a problem flare up. They also offer after-hours emergency dental service to their patients.


19. Wandsworth Town Dental Practice

Address: 140 Garratt Ln, London, SW18 4EE, UK
Phone Number: 020 8874 2067
Emergency Phone Number: 079 3280 4226
Website: https://wandsworthtowndentalpractice.co.uk/
Online Booking: No


NHS and private customers are welcome at Wandsworth Town Dental Practice. They have normal operating hours on both Saturday and Sunday, and can usually make same-day appointments for dental emergencies. They provide a range of treatment options and will match quotes from other practices. Patients are at the center of their service and can be sure they rest in capable hands.


18. 24 Hour Emergency Dentist (Earl’s Court)

Address: 221-225 Old Brompton Rd, Earl's Court, London, SW5 0EA, UK
Phone Number: 020 7370 0055
Emergency Phone Number: 020 7370 0055
Website: https://www.24hour-emergencydentist.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


At 24 Hour Emergency Dentist patients are seen immediately. They are not providing routine dental treatments at this time. Because of the pandemic, they are only providing treatments for patients with acute dental conditions or emergencies like dental pain or trauma. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including Bank Holidays. They will take preliminary details over the phone and patients will be informed which practice and on-call dentist is most appropriate.


17. Dental Beauty Northfields

Address: 189 Northfield Avenue, Northfields, London, W13 9QU, UK
Phone Number: 020 8840 4999
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8840 4999
Website: https://dentalbeautynorthfields.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


Dental Beauty Northfields offers emergency dental care to everyone—not just registered patients. They do more than cosmetic dentistry. Their goal is clinical perfection and they ensure the highest standard for patient-centered treatments. They offer a wide range of dental services provided by friendly and attentive staff. And they will endeavor to see emergency dental patients as soon as possible.


16. Sheen Dental

Address: 152 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London, SW14 8DP, UK
Phone Number: 020 8876 5277
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8876 5277
Website: https://www.sheendental.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


Accidents can and do happen, and the professionals of Sheen Dental are there to help. They know how bad tooth pain can be and understand how it can impact your day-to-day life. That is why they do their best to see an emergency patient as soon as possible, ideally on the same day. They also provide an emergency contact number in case patients need to be seen outside of regular practice hours.


15. Seyf Dental

Address: 17 Station Road, Barnes, London, SW13 0LF, UK
Phone Number: 020 8878 2802
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8878 2802
Website: http://www.seyfdental.com/
Online Booking: No


The aim of Seyf Dental is to achieve first-class dental treatment with the latest technology in the most relaxing environment. They take pride in their friendly and caring approach to dental treatments. They work in partnership with their patients to provide the most comprehensive care. With state of the art facilities and equipment, they implement the highest levels of cross infection control. They do take Saturday and emergency appointments if needed.

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14. Riverside Dental Practice

Address: 108 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, SW15 1LN, UK
Phone Number: 020 8788 3341
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8788 3341
Website: https://www.riversidedentalpracticeputney.com/
Online Booking: No

Riverside Dental Practice is another good option if a patient requires urgent dental care for pain relief or a temporary filling. The professionals of this practice do all they can to always ensure satisfied patients. Not only are they a great dental office for general dentistry, but also orthodontics and facial aesthetics. So if a patient has a good experience, it is a great option to go back to for routine care.

13. The Care Dental Practice

Address: 118-120 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith London, W6 7JP, UK
Phone Number: 020 8846 8534
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8846 8534
Website: https://thecaredentalpractice.com/
Online Booking: Yes


If you are in dental pain with no sign of improvement and afraid you can’t wait until your next appointment, then call The Care Dental Practice. They offer comprehensive emergency dental care for patients of all ages. They offer same-day emergency appointments. And not only do they provide state of the art dental care, but also a caring and relaxing environment that will put even the most nervous patients at ease. For an emergency appointment, patients can call or book an appointment online and the team will respond ASAP.


12. Thurloe Street Dental and Implant Centre

Address: 10 Thurloe Street, South Kensington, London, SW7 2ST, UK
Phone Number: 020 7584 5551
Emergency Phone Number: 020 7584 5551
Website: https://www.londonsmiles.com/
Online Booking: Yes

Following a dental emergency, contact Thurloe Street Dental as quickly as possible. They will see you that day or at the soonest possible opportunity. Their trusted and reliable dental practitioners will do all they can. They offer an advanced range of general, restorative, orthodontic, orthodontic, and implant dentistry services. The patient’s comfort is their top priority.

11. Dental Care London

Address: 18 St Mary’s Grove, Richmond, TW9 1UY, UK
Phone Number: 020 3538 9449
Emergency Phone Number: 020 3538 9449
Website: https://www.dentalcarelondon.co.uk/
Online Booking: No


Not all dental problems can wait. If you have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention contact Dental Care London. They provide affordable, quality dental care to all their patients. Their highest priority will always be the needs of their patients. They will get emergency patients in as soon as possible so more serious problems can be avoided.


10. Ealing Dental Care

Address: 122 Broadway West Ealing, London, W13 0SY, UK
Phone Number: 020 8567 2516
Emergency Phone Number: 079 5697 2534
Website: https://www.dentalcarepractices.co.uk/
Online Booking: No

Ealing Dental Care has been established for over thirty years. They aim to cater to dental emergencies. They supply NHS treatments as well as private treatments. They give patients full information about any dental work before undertaking a treatment. They can also help their patients in French, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Persian. Patients can be assured of a safe, clean practice that adheres to all cross infection control regulations. The dentists are considerate and friendly and their team will do all they can to provide patients with outstanding assistance during a dental emergency.


9. West Kensington NHS Dental Care

Address: 195 North End Road, London, W14 9NL, UK
Phone Number: 020 7381 1922
Emergency Phone Number: 020 3402 1312
Website: http://www.nhsdentalpractice.co.uk/
Online Booking: No


West Kensington NHS Dental Care is a well-established family practice. They have over 15 years of experience and the staff always tries to deliver the highest standard of care. They offer a full range of NHS treatments. They offer emergency appointments during normal operating hours and endeavor to see any patient who is suffering from a dental emergency.

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8. Ethicare Dental Practice

Address: 68 West Hill, Wandsworth, London, SW18 1RU, UK
Phone Number: 020 8870 5059
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8870 5059 (emergency number listed on the answering service)
Website: https://www.ethicaredental.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


Ethicare Dental Practice is a family run dental office that provides comprehensive emergency dental care for both new and registered patients. They use the best possible equipment to carry out dental treatments and focus on maintaining total safety during each appointment. The practice offers weekday, late evening, Saturday, and Now Sunday appointments to better accommodate their patients. Because of their emergency on-call service, they can usually accommodate emergency patients the same day or within 24 hours.


7. The Neem Tree Dental Practices

Address: 515 Old York Road, London, SW18 1TF, UK
Phone Number: 020 8053 0133
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8870 0030
Website: https://theneemtree.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


The professionals at Neem Tree Dental Practices pay special attention to dental emergencies and attempt to be as flexible as possible. They understand the unexpected can happen to anyone, and it can be a stressful and painful experience. That is why they aim to put you at ease, remedy the pain, and deal with the immediate problem during or outside of practice hours. They are open seven days a week (Sundays by appointment) and you can call the practice directly or book an emergency appointment online.


6. The Practice at Mortlake

Address: 45 N Worple Way, London, SW14 8PZ, UK
Phone Number: 20 8876 5398
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8876 5398
Website: http://thepracticeatmortlake.com/
Online Booking: No


The Practice at Mortlake provides quality dental care for all members of the family. They provide a complete range of dental services, from general care to dental implants. They also have a long-established reputation in the area with over 40 years of experience. They always endeavor to see dental emergencies on the same day if patients are experiencing severe toothache or bleeding, broken teeth, or a lost dental crown or filling.


5. The Dentist Putney

Address: 130 Putney High Street, London, SW15 1RG, UK
Phone Number: 020 3971 9726
Emergency Phone Number: 020 3971 9726
Website: http://thedentistputney.com/
Online Booking: Yes


If necessary, the professionals at The Dentist will see emergency patients straight away. They will quickly diagnose the underlying problem, tell you how they can help, and make sure to resolve dental pain. If a patient has any pain, swelling, or a broken tooth, they need to seek emergency dental care right away.


4. Progressive Dentistry

Address: 34 Fulham High Street, Fulham, London, SW6 3LQ, UK
Phone Number: 020 7731 1162
Emergency Phone Number: 020 7731 1162
Website: https://www.progressivedentistry.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


After a huge amount of work behind the scenes, Progressive Dentistry has reopened its doors. They are doing all they can to keep patients and staff safe during these unprecedented times. If a patient does have a dental emergency they will do everything they can to see them on the same day. They also still provide video consultations seven days a week.


3. The Park Dental Clinic

Address: 323 Upper Richmond Road West
East Sheen, London SW14 8QR
Phone Number: 020 8876 5088
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8876 5088
Website: https://www.theparkdental.co.uk/
Online Booking: No


The professional and experienced staff at Park Dental Clinic strive to provide a calm and safe atmosphere and the highest standard of dentistry. They have been established for over 35 years and employ state of the art dental equipment. They explain treatment plans very well at every stage and offer financing where necessary. As an added bonus, they are an exceptional family practice and are ready to treat patients of all ages.


2. Shades Clinic


Address: 382 Uxbridge Road, Ealing Common, W5 3LH, UK
Phone Number: 020 8752 0569
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8752 0569
Website: https://www.shades-clinic.com/dental/
Online Booking: Yes

Shades Clinic offers a range of treatments for dental emergencies. Their principle dentists have been trained to handle severe dental infections, teeth injuries, and facial injuries. And where needed they can get you a fast referral for injuries that may require hospital attention.  They have regular hours on Saturday and Sunday and will do all they can to get emergency patients in for a same day appointment.


1. Chiswick Dental and Implant Clinic

Address: Chiswick Dental, Chiswick Health Centre, Fishers Lane, Chiswick, W4 1RX, UK
Phone Number: 020 8994 6202
Emergency Phone Number: 020 8994 6202
Website: https://www.chiswickdental.co.uk/
Online Booking: Yes


Toothache, swelling, broken tooth, lost filling or crown, or a knocked-out tooth are all dental emergencies. These patients need to see an emergency dentist right away. The practitioners at Chiswick Dental and Implant Clinic are ready to help. They make every part of dental care a safe and comfortable experience for their patients. They also make sure patients are aware of all their treatment options and are clear on pricing. They can arrange appointments for dental emergencies outside of normal hours if necessary.

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