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International toothache day is on 9 February

Toothache awareness is celebrated on 9 February. Make others aware of possible causes for tooth pain

International toothache day is on 9 February

Few people realize the true importance of oral health and hygiene. Dental disease doesn’t just impact the mouth, but can also lead to more serious problems that affect your overall health and wellbeing. The majority of toothaches that stem from dental diseases are not only curable but also highly preventable. This is why National Toothache Day is celebrated worldwide on February 9th. It is not a day to celebrate toothaches, but rather a way to raise more awareness about dental care, good oral hygiene, and preventing the dreaded toothache.


What is a Toothache?

If you haven’t had a toothache, consider yourself lucky. Odontalgia, or toothache pain, can range from mild to completely unbearable depending on the extent of the dental disease or trauma. It might arise from damage to one tooth or infection of multiple teeth and oral tissues. Most often tooth decay is the chief cause of dental pain. It can also come from dental trauma, infected dental pulp, jaw disease, or an exposed tooth root. It may feel dull and lingering, or quick, sharp, and hot. It might occur only when you drink a hot beverage or eat a cold treat. Or it might be a continuous, lingering presence you can’t seem to get rid of.

The pain not only disrupts eating and drinking, but can also make it difficult to laugh, sleep, talk, and even smile. But unlike other common diseases, patients with dental pain are more likely put off treatment as long as possible. They use painkillers for relief instead of getting help from a dental care provider to cure the root of the problem. Sadly the pain from tooth decay does not get better on its own. Patients with a toothache should see a dental care professional right away.

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What are the origins of Toothache Day?

Each year on February 9th various health organizations across the globe host events and invite participants to focus on dental care and oral hygiene. Why is Toothache Day on February 9th? The initial origin of this unofficial holiday is a mystery. One theory is that the 9th of February is also the Feast Day of Saint Apollonia. This early Christian saint died at the hands of persecutors in 249 AD. The captors tortured her and knocked out all her teeth, which resulted in her being named as the Patron Saint of Toothache and Dental Disease. Seems fitting her feast day would also be marked as World Toothache Day.

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What Can You Do To Celebrate Toothache Day?

Here are some ideas to help you mark the day that is dedicated to oral health and hygiene:

• Schedule your bi-annual visit to see your dentist for a checkup and professional dental cleaning

• Recommit yourself to regular brushing and flossing your teeth

• Avoid sugary and acidic treats and drinks

• Educate yourself about food items that are harmful to teeth

• Inform others about the importance of dental health and hygiene

• Spread awareness by posting on social media using #NationalToothacheDay

Let us all join in the initiative of spreading awareness about dental health across the globe on International Toothache Day.

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